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Your Hosts, Jake and Laurel DeLong, Extend A Warm

welcome with gourmet-country cooking, cozy lodging, fine drinks, and Montana Western hospitality! 

Cheap Montana Vacation Packages

Meet Jake DeLong, a log home builder from Washington State, and Laurel DeLong, a farm girl from Iowa.  Two mostly normal people who found themselves tired of the daily grind and wanting a life of adventure and new experiences.


In 2010, they bought a little slide-in camper, quit their jobs, and ran away from their home on the Olympic Peninsula.  They camped their way around the United States for a year, checking things off the proverbial bucket list, meeting new people, and having a heck of a good time.  It was a life-changing experience; one they didn’t want to end.  So they decided to pursue a life as Caretakers, figuring Jake’s construction background and Laurel’s skills in the kitchen would be a perfect fit.

Along the way, they answered an ad for “Summer Help at Elk Lake Resort, Montana.”  The ad stressed the fact that Elk Lake is remote and off the grid so they thought, “Well that sounds pretty interesting.”  Jake had always wanted to live on a lake in Montana and Laurel had always wanted to have a B&B so the fit seemed pretty obvious.  They applied, were hired, and upon seeing Elk Lake…fell in love.


Now they proudly own Elk Lake Resort.  Laurel delights in cooking up great food, Jake does a great job keeping the place running, and they thoroughly enjoy interacting with the guests.  The DeLongs wanted a life of adventure and new experiences and Elk Lake certainly provides!  Each guest is a new experience, every day a new adventure.  They wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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