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Elk Lake Resort Montana Has A Rich History

of providing warm hospitality in the remote Montana Wilderness to folks from all around the world! 

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The trip to Elk Lake Resort is one of extreme beauty and should be savored. In an area which abounds in natural beauty, Montana's wild and pristine Centennial Valley still makes its mark. Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge which stands guard over its heart, has protected this 385,000 acre valley floor from development. Bordered by mountains on three sides, one can feel dwarfed by the majestic splendor the area exudes.


Visitors to our off-the-beaten-path location find the drive a highlight of their trip. They understand why the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service says, "The Montana Natural Heritage Program has rated the Centennial Valley as one of the most significant natural landscapes in Montana, a tribute to its intact ecological systems, expansive wetlands, diverse native flora and fauna, and unqiue concentrations of rare species."

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