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Montana Photo Tourism at Its Best

Centennial Valley, Red Rocks National Refuge & Yellowstone National Park. We've got you surrounded! 

Whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional, nature has never been more photogenic than in our Montana mountains. The Centennial Valley area is well known for its beauty, wildlife, and untapped wilderness.  It’s all at your fingertips..


If you are visiting us for a relaxing getaway, a family reunion, a wedding or outdoor adventure, your vacation will abound with wildlife and scenic photo opportunities. The rugged beauty and pristine nature of the Centennial Valley, Centennial Mountains, Elk Lake, Hidden Lake, the Gravelly Range, Yellowstone National Park, and other adventure destinations in the area provide numerous, once-in-a lifetime photo opportunities.

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The abundant birds  and wildlife provide chances to capture creation's most beautiful offspring in their natural environment.


View our Photo Gallery, BLOG, or Facebook page, to see some of the amazing images that have been captured in and around Elk Lake Resort.


Feel free to post your own pictures to our Facebook page.

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