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 Montana Water Sports From a Resort

right on the water, in close proximity to countless lakes and rivers; come, let the splashing begin. 

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Spring and Summer in the Centennial Valley offer the opportunity to have some fun out on the water. With Elk Lake just steps away from your cabin, fill your vacation adventure with canoeing, kayaking and boating.


With a water surface of more than 650 square acres, there is plenty of room to play. Get the family together and spend the day on the lake or hang out on the swim dock and soak up the sunshine.


Waterfront adventures aren’t limited to Elk Lake. Explore the coves, nooks and crannies of Hidden Lake in one of our rowboats. Kayak or canoe in the wide open expanses of Upper and Lower Red Rock Lakes, the smaller Swan Lake or the slow and meandering waters of Red Rock Creek and Elk Springs Creek.

Kayak Montana Remote Areas

Upper Red Rock Lake, Red Rock Creek and Elk Springs Creek are open to non-motorized craft July 15th through freeze-up. The marsh areas between the lakes and Lower Red Rock Lake and Swan Lake are open for boating September 1st through freeze-up.

Watercraft Rentals

Row Boats

(Hidden Lakes and Elk Lake)

$50 per day

Kayaks and canoes are free to guests of Elk Lake Resort

Waterfromt Resort in Montana
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