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What makes your Montana Wedding Venue different from all the rest?

Our natural wedding venue scenery is unrivaled. Imagine a placid high mountain lake with a Rocky Mountain backdrop, a few rustic cabins, reminiscent of the old-west, scattered across a grassy meadow bordered by crisp green aspens and dark evergreens. Dare to dream of having it all to yourself!


Personalized service which makes you feel like welcome friends, not just guests, is our trademark. Our country gourmet cooking rivals the finest upscale resorts. Our uniquely remote setting offers unrivaled peace and quiet. And, all of this can be exclusively yours for a very reasonable price!

How many guests can you accommodate?

Our Montana wedding venue can ‘house' a maximum of 32 guests. However, our larger weddings often choose to house additional guests in Island Park or bring in RV's and tents to provide more sleeping space.


How many bedrooms and how many total beds do you offer at your Montana Wedding  Venue?

Our Montana wedding venue has 13 bedrooms with a total of 22 beds.

Are your wedding cabins equipped with telephone and television?

No. While our Montana wedding location does have phone and television in the cabins, both services are available in the lodge. Thus we allow you to keep in touch yet easily escape the pressures associated with these modern ‘conveniences'.


Will my cell phone work at your lodge?

No. However, if you are a Verizon subscriber, cell service is available about 2 miles from our wedding lodge. Guests are free to give the resort's number to their family and friends as an emergency contact number.


Do your cabins have Wi-Fi?

Yes. We do have Wi-Fi in the lodge via satellite internet. We are on a limited bandwidth so request that it be used for checking e-mail but not for downloads. .


What is the elevation at Elk Lake Resort?

We are located at 6,750 feet above sea level.


What kind of weather can we expect at your venue?

At this elevation, we advise our wedding couples to prepare for temperature swings. Spring days can reach the mid 60's but drop into the 30's at night. Summer highs can be in the low 80's but lows are typically upper 40's. Winter temperatures rarely get above freezing. We recommend our guests dress for the mountains - in layers - with synthetics close to the skin and a wind and water proof outside layer.


How far away are you from Yellowstone National Park's West Entrance?

Our Montana wedding venue is about 40 very scenic miles (1¼ hours) from Yellowstone's west entrance.

What is the nearest major airport to your Montana Mountain Wedding Venue?

We are located nearly equal distance from Idaho Falls, Idaho and Bozeman, Montana - about 2½ hours from either airport. West Yellowstone, Montana is about 1¼ hours away. Salt Lake City, Utah is about 5 hours away.


What activities are available for our guests at Elk Lake Resort?

Our guests are united in their love for pristine nature and the great outdoors, but often have very diverse interests. There are a number of activities that your guests can enjoy:
• kayaking and canoeing on one or all of the four nearby lakes
• hiking through the vast, open, unrestricted countryside around the resort or on nearby designated trails (guided or unguided)
• exploring neighboring Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, enjoying the hundreds of wildlife and birds which call this ‘most beautiful in the lower 48' refuge home
• taking a drive into the high country or visiting a ghost town
• visiting Yellowstone National Park
• world-class fishing on a variety of unpressured waters for trout and grayling (guided or unguided)
• relaxing and soaking in our unrivaled peace and tranquility
• mountain biking our local roads and trails
• ATV riding on an extensive trail system originating near the lodge
• some of the most diverse bird watching available in the USA
• wildlife viewing - particularly fruitful in the spring & early summer
• photography - wildlife and scenic photography opportunities abound
• horseback riding including anything from a half-day trip to week long excursion (or more)
• lawn games including volleyball and horseshoes
• water sports
• children's activity area with swings and climbing apparatus



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