Enjoy ATV Riding As Part Of your Montana Adventure Vacation Package

Are you looking to add some ATV adventures to your Montana vacation package? How about riding an ATV trail system which receives little pressure and allows you to access the backcountry, enjoy beautiful vistas, and observe wildlife without a crowd?

Vacation Package Includes ATV Trail RidingYou've found it! Two trail systems originate near Elk Lake Resort. Both access the wild and pristine Gravelly Range. Both allow you to enjoy beautiful vistas and abundant wildlife without sharing!

Enjoy adventurous travel in the back country? You can ride your own machine or we can rent one for you. The Continental Divide Trail takes you into the back country along the ridge which divides Montana and Idaho. The Brimstone Trail offers a variety of landscape options, beautiful views of the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, the Centennial Valley, and the surrounding area. You'll enjoy opportunities to view wildflowers and wildlife. Both trails are great for day-long rides or short adventurous jaunts. And, best of all, you'll likely be the only one out there!





Working with our supplier, we can provide you with an ATV to take you into adventure. Your ATV will be delivered to your door - fueled and ready to go. Let us help you get into the backcountry!
$250 per day / per machine
NOTE: Rental requires a minimum of 2 machines or two days